Advice on upgrading canon rebel t5

Advice on upgrading canon rebel t5

salwa02 says:


I have been using Canon EOS rebel t5 for the last 6 years for fun, I decided to take my photography to the next level, I bought a canon lens 70-200 mm Ef 2.8 III, so what a good body canon camera that would be compatible with this lens? And also what the difference between mirrorless camera vs. DSL, which would have best auto focus and quick tracking any advice would be appreciated!

7:34AM, 29 October 2020 PDT (permalink)

Mint Chocs says:

The 80D would be very good crop sensor APS-C and if you have plenty of $$$ then the 90D, the budget option 77D or 850D(latest). If you want to go Full frame then the 5Dmkiv if you have money or the 6D mkii if you don’t and if very budget minded then the 6D original. If you want to use this lens with mirrorless then you need an adapter to use on the R mount mirrorless cameras. The RP is a budget model so no that suitable for tracking, the R is better but only a little and the best is the R5 and then the R6 but these are expensive.
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