And The SEO Coaching/Mentoring Winners Are…

SuzanneCoachingSuzanne Feinberg in Scottsdale, AZ announced last week that she was going to do some free SEO coaching/mentoring for three PFRE readers.

Suzanne got a bunch of interested readers for her offer. She says:

There were so many compelling stories from PFRE blog readers that it was a very hard choice. As a result, I changed the rules midstream – rather than having 3 winners, I decided on 7 winners. That’s right, call me crazy for creating so much extra work for myself, but I have a strong desire to give back to this community. The following is what I will be providing:

  • A half hour one-on-one session using GoToMeeting to determine where everyone’s SEO currently stands.
  • A half hour one-on-one session using GoToMeeting to go over specific recommendations.
  • Two one hour group sessions to teach SEO basics and give homework assignments
  • A Followup after three months with everyone as a group to go over results.

I will be contacting the winners individually beginning on June 1st.

Here are the winners:

  1. Liz Lopez  – Atlanta, GA
  2. Dan Ryan – Stirling, NJ
  3. Charlotte Rosato – MA
  4. Ethan Tweedie – Big Island, HI
  5. Sinead Hastings – Truckee, CA
  6. John McBay – Southern NJ
  7. Katherine Goody – Seattle

Thanks Suzanne for your enthusiasm and generosity in undertaking this coaching/mentoring!

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