CamRanger offers DSLR control from your iPad

At the Consumer Electronics Show last month, we introduced you to CameraMator—an accesory that sends DSLR images to an iPad for instant review or a bigger live view screen. On the Macworld/iWorld expo floor this weekend, we found CamRanger.

CamRanger and CameraMator are strikingly similar products—both cost $299, send jpegs via a newly created hotspot from a DSLR’s USB port, work with nearly all Nikon or Canon DLSR cameras and send the photos to their own designated apps.

The big differences between the two devices can be seen in their physical design. The CameraMator fits into a hotshoe and has up to 8 hours of battery life while the CamRanger frees up the hotshoe but can only work for 6 hours or less. 

Let’s hear from you: Have you tried using an accessory like this with your DSLR? 

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