Canon PowerShot G3 X added to studio test scene comparison

Looking at Raw, ISO 800, which is how I would capture(not JPEG) and the ceiling for my preferences in terms of ISO with a 1″ sensor, the Canon ranks just behind the FZ1000 and a bit further behind the now old Sony RX10 in terms of noise. I haven’t studied the lens sharpness or whether there is any in-camera sharping taking place to the image files, but they look relatively close.

I don’t know that in real life usage and for Internet postings only, the aforementioned opinion makes a real difference as to my ultimate satisfaction with Canon’s output.

The real question for me as an M43 user; should I buy this, along with the EVF, or, buy a telephoto zoom lens that reaches to 300mm(600 equivalent), costing a fair amount less?

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