Creating Quality Time-lapse Video With Lightroom and LRTimelapse

Time-lapse video can be a wonderful addition to real estate video where you want to dramatize any kind of view. Rather than using straight video or a still image on the screen for several seconds a time-lapse with rolling clouds give an elegant dramatic look.

Creating time-lapse video is pretty easy. You basically shoot a series of frames on a tripod with a remote controller every 2 to 10 seconds. I use either a CamRanger or a TC-80N3. You can then import the resulting stills into Lightroom, do adjustments and then use the Lightroom Slideshow feature to write a video file.

To get high quality time-lapse video, without flicker you need to pay attention to a lot of other details. Here are some great resources to help you get through those details:

  1. Gunther Wegner’s, Time Lapse shooting and processing, PDF e-book
  2. Gunther Wegner’s, Professional Templates for Lightroom
  3. Gunther Wegner’s LRTimelapse de-flickering software. This is essential to remove the flicker from a time lapse sequence. It is used in conjunction with Lightroom.
  4. Dave Delnea’s Timelapse, An Introduction to Still Photographs in Motion. This PDF e-book was just released. It describes how to use Lightroom and LRTimelapse together much like #1.

I have a copy of all 4 of these. I recommend them highly. Back in September of last year, the last time I did a post on time-lapses one the commenters pointed out Gunther Wegner’s products (1, 2 & 3). Gunther’s LRTimelapse along with Lightroom has become a standard creating time-lapse video.

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