Enthusiast compact camera roundup (2014)

Is this large-sensor compacts? Or viewfinder compacts? Or also 1/1.7″, raw-capable compacts? Or compacts above a certain physical size? And why exclude the elephant in the room, the RX100?

It seems this is a collection of cameras that stand out in some way or another. Or maybe it was to have one or two contenders in each interesting category.
(a) compact, 200 mm, viewfinder, but 1/1.7″ (P7800)
(b) compact, fast-ish lens, 1/1.7″ (G16)
(c) compact-ish, 200+ mm, viewfinder, 1/1.7″ (Stylus)
(d) compact, large-ish sensor (X-20)
(e) smaller than a ILC+superzoom, 200+ mm, large sensor (FZ1000+RX10)
(f) smaller than a superzoom + Large sensor (G1-X)

I guess the G16 trumps the LX7 because it has a longer zoom? And the G16 trumps the RX100 because it is cheaper? And the X-20 trumps the RX100 again because it is cheaper? And the G1-X trumps the GR and Coolpix A because it has a zoom.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/5725116111/enthusiast-compact-camera-roundup-2014