Exposure: Alex Washburn looks for where the Autopista Ends

Some photographers are so driven, so passionate, and so adventurous they can inspire people around the world. Alex Washburn is one of them. And I should know, I went to school with her.

A year ago, she was working as a photographer for WIRED.com when she told me about this crazy idea she had about getting on a motorcycle and riding from San Francisco to the tip of South America. The craziest part about this idea? She decided to do it. 

In October, she and her boyfriend Nathaniel left their jobs, put their stuff in storage and sent their cat to live with Alex’s mom. Then, they got on their motorcycles and started riding. 

Right now, Alex is somewhere in the middle of Colombia, using whatever spotty Wi-Fi connections she can find to upload photos to her Instagram account. Every once in a while, they get a chance to upload blog posts and videos to their website. Follow her if you want to read about how to pack a DSLR in the shadiest looking way possible, avoid scammers at border crossings, and MacGyver a motorcycle back to working condition.

Their journey, titled “Autopista End,” (autopista is highway in  Spanish) is ongoing. Check out a few of my favorite photos so far:

Source Article from http://connect.dpreview.com/post/4740419450/exposure-alex-washburn