It’s fairly common to come across a film camera with a busted light meter or one that requires discontinued mercury cell batteries to operate. Likewise, there are plenty of film cameras that don’t offer a built-in light meter, including several popular Leica rangefinder models. Enter: the shoe mount light meter.

These little meters offer peace of mind and can help breathe new life into old gear. And our pal, Hamish Gill, had the chance to test the latest competitor in the space: the Keks EM-01 ( $108 + shipping). It features an easy-to-view OLED screen, solid battery life, an aluminum body, and an overall minimalist design. Read the review and see how the Keks stacks up against the ever-popular, yet twice as expensive, Voigtlander VC Meter II.

Read – 35mmc: Keks EM-01 shoe mount light meter review

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