Filmmaker shoots with fifteen GoPro’s for a Matrix-like bullet time effect


Amateur filmmaker Marc Donahue of Permagrin Films recently shot a video with an array of fifteen GoPro action cameras to achieve Matrix-like bullet time special effects. The arc-shaped rig allowed him to shoot simultaneously from all cameras. In post, Donahue added the freeze frame and slow motion effects.

There are several videos on Marc Donahue’s YouTube channel demonstrating his experiments with the action camera. Also check out the Donahue’s interview by FStoppers where he talks about the pre and post -production work and challenges involved. (via Mashable)



. . . and with this one video, GoPro notice a tenfold sales increase


Another GoPro article yet DpR still won’t review the most popular camera in the world?!


cool project but doesn’t really work that well due to the fisheye lens.


Fisheye effect can b corrected in post, plus there are two tighter optional angles view.


Would be really cool if the shutters were triggered by a massive signal from a singular device than from a wired switch.

Cool concept. Many will surely follow.



Amazing. Well done!

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