Flickr: Yahoo CEO sorry for ‘no such thing as pro photographers’ comment, Pro accounts live on

Much of the fallout surrounding Flickr’s massive updates this Monday continues to center around changes to Pro user accounts. Oh, and then there was that thing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said: “There’s no such thing as Flickr Pro today because [with so many people taking photographs] there’s really no such thing as professional photographers anymore.”

Along will significant visual changes throughout the photo sharing and storage site, Flickr introduced a new account structure Monday that eliminated the $25-per-year-unlimited-storage Flickr Pro option. Instead, accounts start at the Free level which includes a free terabyte of space — though this comes at its own price paid in advertising. Ad Free accounts cost $49.99 annually and exclude advertising. Doublr accounts are $499.99 per year for two terabytes.

Details were initially fuzzy about what would happen to Pro users, and a backlash ensued as it appeared this option was disappearing entirely, but Flickr now says these customers can renew their unlimited storage plan for $25 annually. That’s an amazing deal for those “grandfathered in”: if you’re lucky enough to be one of them, just be sure to sign up for a recurring Pro subscription.

Pro members also have until August 20, 2013 to opt for the Free account model and receive a prorated refund for their Pro account fee. Flickr offers many more answers about Pro account changes on its website.

Mayer’s statement about how professional photographers no longer exist may be less simple to patch up, however. One of the better commentaries we’ve seen on the topic comes from photography consultant Jim Colton, who wrote:

“This is perhaps one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard, it is also an insult to all the professional photographers throughout history who have sacrificed everything to their craft … including their lives.”

You can read Colton’s full commentary here

Mayer has since apologized for her “misstatement” and is continuing to do so via her Twitter account

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