Fujifilm releases X100S firmware 1.02, correcting OVF brightness bug


Fujifilm has announced the availability of new firmware for its X100S fixed-lens compact camera. Firmware version 1.02 corrects an issue where the frameline brightness in the camera’s viewfinder did not automatically adjust at ISO sensitivity settings of 1600 and higher. Fujifilm has also issued firmware updates for its Z2000EXR, HS50EXR, F820EXR and F900EXR compacts, which can be found via the ‘download drivers and software‘ section of Fujifilm’s support pages.

Fujifilm X100S Firmware version 1.02

  • The phenomenon is fixed that the brightness of the OVF bright frame doesn’t change according to a surrounding brightness in case of ISO 1600 and higher.



Mine had the odd green screen of death with the old firmware and with the new 1.02 too. A lot of others have also had this problem so I can only assume it’s a firmware bug yet to be fixed.
It’s now the official name for the bug. “GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH”
I have contacted Fuji but had no reply as of yet.


Does have any chance Fuji release a new firmware to my old X100 with some improvements from X100s?


Fuji, please release a firmware so the multiple exposure mode can produce RAF files (like the X-PRO1). I was very disappointed to learn my X100S will only produce JPEG files when using the multiple exposure mode.


Glad that they are updating the firmware. Hopefully they will continue to improve the X100s’ functionality and flexibility.

I outlined most of the issues I had with my X100s in my full review here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3482733

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