Fujifilm X100S Real-world Samples


We’ve just added a 39-image gallery of real-world pictures to our preview of the Fujifilm X100S. The X100S is the sucessor to the X100, one of our favorite cameras of the past couple of years, but one that was not without its share of quirks. The X100S features a new 16MP X-TRANS sensor, a hybrid AF system with on-sensor phase-detection autofocus and numerous operational improvements. We previewed the new camera earlier this year and we’ll be adding more content to that as we work towards a full review but for now, click the links below to see our gallery of real-world samples. 

Fujifilm X100 Real-world Samples Gallery

There are 39 images in the Fujifilm X100S preview samples gallery, including JPEGs and a handful of Raw files converted ‘to taste’ in Adobe Camera Raw 7.4RC. Please do not reproduce any of these images on a website or any newsletter / magazine without prior permission (see our copyright page). We make the originals available for private users to download to their own machines for personal examination or printing (in conjunction with this review), we do so in good faith, please don’t abuse it.

Unless otherwise noted images taken with no particular settings at full resolution. Because our review images are now hosted on the ‘galleries’ section of dpreview.com, you can enjoy all of the new galleries functionality when browsing these samples.

Fujifilm X100S Preview Samples Gallery – published 18th March 2013



When view the downloaded original of the first picture, I see moire in her jacket. It’s not there in the slideshow version. I just got a U2412M a couple of days ago, so I’m wondering if there’s something amiss with my monitor?


I mean that’s it! I’m buying one!


The noise performance on this camera is simply ludacris! Amazing!

Shi Yali

Excellent image quality. The low light capabilities are outstanding!


Not sure what the complaints are about? I think the images look great. What are people expecting?


Now I wanna see the Coolpix A real samples!


They have some Coolpix A samples up on PhotographyBlog but expect lots of cloudy, grey weather. A few of them look pretty impressively sharp though.


Between these DPR samples, and the PhotographyBlog full-sized images, I’d say it’s looking like the X100s may have close to, if not the best IQ of any mirrorless camera. It would seem that the extremely sharp 23 f2 Fujinon and this new sensor work together extremely well to create absolute magic. Beautiful blues and reds as well, like the other two X cameras.

I’d like to see a side-by-side between the X100s and the Coolpix A, but the awesome high ISO ability seen in the X-Pro1 and X-E1 seems to be very much a characteristic of the X100s, so I’m guessing the Fuji may win that battle at least in low-light.


I do not know, the JPEGs are not too impressive and the ACR conversions still carry a lot of errors (color issues around share small details like hair). I guess it will take some time until raw converters will be able to get all the sensor is (potentially) capable of.

I am looking forward to see it with X100 side-by-side once the X100s review is out.

joe talks photography

These images show pretty good potential in various light and ISO settings. I look at use for B & W. I like the detail and dynamic range capabilities.


Just to vent a bit – why do you guys even bother with on-line samples. Nobody can tell anything from them, unless, of course, they’re really awful. The best thing you could do for us is to make some big prints and let us know what the results are. Can we get as good a print as from the a Contax T3 with tri-x?


Nobody can tell anything from full-sized sample images? OK.

If people are too lazy to look at the link that says “Original” below each images, then they have no business venting.

Simon Joinson

I’m assuming this is a joke. Because if it isn’t…. <walks away shaking head>


Nope…and if you scroll down a few posts there’s a dude shooting an RX1 in auto and another shooting an RX1 in AEL mode…whatever the hell that is… Ugh…


That dude returned it because it keeps shooting at f/4 in low light.


24/25 are interesting from a raw conversion point of view.
From the jpg rendition, I would say she’s one those pink persons; from the acr one, she looks gingerish now. Completely different. Also, those images show the effort fuji puts in preserving hightlight areas -probably at the expense of shadow detail. As a matter of personal preference, for me the jpg look better than the acr version.


Impressive performance. Excellent lens, outstanding high iso performance.


Something odd about the tonality on these images, both the ooc jpegs and ACR conversions look particularly ‘digital’, micro contrast and colour transitions are unsubtle and artificial looking, like the out of camera jpegs from a Sony p & s or something. Seen this on all of the relatively few samples I’ve found online so far. Hopefully firmware or raw converter updates will improve on this.


Agreed. They look artificial. I suspect NR, even at low ISO.


I have had the Sony RX1 for a month. I might return it for and buy the Fuji x100s. I did not like the results I got with the RX1. Very mixed. Auto focus was unreliable. Face detection did not focus correctly. They could fix all of the issues with a firmware, but I will not hold my breath. Fuji has a good reputation of taking care of customers, I really wish I could say the same about Sony.

Thank you for the image samples, looking forward to the full review.


I returned my RX1. I did not like the images from RX1 either. I do not like those X100s images either. Mike Kobol site has RX1 and X100S images, and I have the same feeling. I keep my XE1 and wait for 23mm.


Thanks for the feedback, makes me feel a bit better about the return. Did you also have the problem that the RX1 had no clue it had a F2.0 lens? The camera will try its best to shoot at f4+ even in the dark. It was ISO happy, as I like to call it. Like I said before, mixed results. Great when I forced the camera to do what I want it to do, bad when any automatic setting is turned on.


I was using RX1 mostly with AEL mode, so I have no comment about Program mode.


Make it stop!


Seriously? Something went really wrong in this world…


The X100 stands out and shines in extremely challenging low light conditions.

Perhaps more samples of low light images can be added to this.

With normal daylight, it is just like any normal camera and sensor.



Definately not as good as the original X100. What are you doing Fuji??

Look at her eyes, her face, her hair… horrible rendering…


What´s going on here? I really don´t like the X-trans approach…


Agreed…its junk.

Barney Britton

It’s ISO 2000, to be fair, not ISO 200 as you originally thought (but I see you edited your comment) 😉


Yes, i did. But it´s not good anyway.


Focus point is on her left arm, but still…

Barney Britton

How about this, at ISO 6400:



Pretty good high iso shot (but should not be compared with canon and nikon iso 6400 though, because of inflated ISO)

X-trans high iso is ok. Low ISO = underwhelming… I´ve owned the X-E1, and it looks like NR is beeing used also @ low iso. Pretty sick…


I have the same feeling. Why?


The first thing I did with many of cameras is turn the noise filter off. What is the default setting on the X100s? It seems to be quite high factory setting even at ISO 2000.


So far for what I see in the set, I don’t see the image quality is really standing out yet. I think the sensor can resolve more details but I just dont see that. Dynamic range is great but it is expected if you are Xpro-1 or X-e1 user. Colorwise this set is a little too pale and flat. It could be because the subject choice and shooting conditions. A little disappointed here.

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