Funleader has converted 300 Contax 45mm F2 G mount lenses to Leica M mount

Funleader, a company known for its unique lenses and optics, has announced the availability of its new Contax G45 F2 to Leica M Lens Conversion Lens. This unique offering is a $1,200 Leica M mount lens built from the Carl Zeiss Planar T* optics taken from 300 Contax 45mm F2 lenses.

Each of these new lenses is based around the optical design of the Contax Zeiss Planar T 45mm F2 G autofocus lens, originally made for Contax G1 and G2 camera systems. This optical design consists of six elements in four groups and features Zeiss’ signature T* coating, which minimized flares and ghosting. While the helicoid housing used for these converted lenses is new, the entire optical construction remains unchanged, offering the exact same image quality on Leica M mount cameras that these lenses were lauded for on Contax’s G1 and G2 camera systems.

Funleader said it ‘fully absorbed users’ opinions on its G35’ conversion lenses, which were released back in August 2019, and used the input to come up with a new retro-inspired design for this G45 conversion. The focus and aperture rings use a scalloped design with knurling for better grip and the red and white numerical scales should pair nicely with most M mount cameras. The housing is constructed of brass and it weighs 332g (11.7oz). Other features of the lens remain unchanged from the original G mount version, inlcuding its 70cm (2.3ft) minimum focusing distance, its F2 through F16 aperture range and its 46mm front filter thread.

Below are a collection of sample photos captured with the lens, provided by Funleader:

If you happen to have a Contax G45 lens on hand, Funleader also has a DIY kit for non-destructively converting your G45 G mount lens to Leica M mount. The instructions aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling brave and have the required components, you’re welcomed to give it a shot.

The Contax G45 F2 to Leica M Lens Conversion lens is available for $1,200 on Funleader’s website. Funleader only has 300 copies on hand and hasn’t specified how many remain at this time. While not cheap, standard G45 lenses go from anywhere between $550 and $900 on sites like eBay and KEH, so an extra few hundred dollars, you’re getting the added benefit on using the optics on digital (and film) M mount camera systems.