Last October, Funleader started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to produce its ridiculously small 18mm F8 pancake lens for Sony E mount and Leica L mount camera systems. As promised in its campaign, it started shipping to global backers in December 2019 and now, nine months later, the lens is available to purchase by the general public in three additional lens mounts.

The pancake lens is constructed of six multi-coated elements in four groups, has a 100º field of view on a full-frame camera and is made of aluminum. The lens measures just 15mm (.59in) and weighs only 80g (2.8oz), making it only marginally larger than the lens cap you probably keep on your camera to keep the mirror and sensor protected.

Funleader designed the lens around its hyperfocal distance, ensuring everything from 80cm (2.6ft) to infinity is in focus at its F8 aperture.

Below is a sample gallery of images taken with the lens and various cameras:

The Funleader 18mm F8 cap lens is available for Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Leica L, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems. Funleader has it available on its website for $150 with free worldwide shipping.