Gifty concept camera produces instant flipbooks


Animated flip books have been around for nearly 145 years. With just a little thumb-work, these books allowed you to view a few seconds worth of animation. Now, a new concept camera known as the Gifty allows you to record video and print a flip book instantly.

The Gifty, designed by student Jiho Jang for his thesis project, records one to five seconds worth of video, which you compose through an optical viewfinder. When you finish recording, the Gifty prints all of the frames using Zero Ink technology, which you then tear apart and bind. ย 

This video gives you an overview of how it works:

Unfortunately, there’s currently just one Gifty in existence, and it belongs to the designer. Could a Kickstarter project be in Gifty’s future? Time will tell.

Viaย Yanko Design



Thank God the D900 is going back to film …nice work Nikon.


this looks like a interestinge POSSIBLE thing… but my dear editor “This video gives you an overview of how it works:” I don’t think that’s correct; this video gives you an overview on HOW COULD WORK, actually you never see anything that assure you this is working prototype and not a mock thing. just saying…

Roland Karlsson


I would never ever even think of the idea to make such a thing.

And … I can not judge if the makers will be rich.


And that is pronounced Jiff-ty and not Gifty… ๐Ÿ˜‰


beat me to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Greg Henry

I suppose this would be cool (if it were 1895). But we have smart phones now and that’s probably “an app for that”, regardless.

Joe Wiegman

Interesting idea, but who would use it?

Kinematic Digit

Hipsters of course.


I think it would be novel maybe 1-3 times and then it would get thrown under the bed and forgotten.

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