HP launches new ZBook G8 laptops with Intel 11th-gen processors, RTX GPUs

Amid the launch of Intel’s new 11th-generation processors, many new laptops are hitting the market, including the Razer Blade 15 refresh we wrote about earlier this week. Not to be left out, HP has announced new ZBook G8 laptops, only nine months after its ZBook Firefly models were announced. Updates are fast and furious these days. The new ZBook G8 range includes a trio of models, including 15.6″ and 17.3″ variants.

The ZBook Studio and Power models come only in 15.6″ versions, while the Fury model is also available with a 17.3″ display. Displays come in Full HD and 4K flavors, including brightness up to 1,000 nits, which should be suitable for an HDR workflow. Processor options include Intel Zeon or 11th-gen H-series processors up to the Core i9 CPU. Storage is available up to a whopping 2TB.

Left to right: ZBook Studio G8, ZBook Fury G8 and ZBook Power G8

There are a lot of options, and caveats, too. While a display with 1,000 nits of maximum brightness is available, that’s only true of the 15.6″ model with a Full HD display. If you want 4K, the maximum brightness darkens to 600 nits (or 550 nits in the case of the 17.3″ display). The ZBook Studio has the most GPU options to choose from and is the only model in the new range to include Nvidia RTX 3060 to 3080 graphics cards. The ZBook Fury offers AMD Radeon Pro graphics instead. The maximum RAM varies among the different models, with the Fury offering up to 128GB RAM, whereas the Studio and Power models top out at 32GB and 64GB, respectively.

There’s a lot to keep track of, so let’s refer to HP to learn more about the target audience for each model. HP says that the ZBook Studio G8 offers ‘performance in a transformative size; designed for mobility – at home or on the road.’ The ZBook Fury G8, on the other hand, goes all-out: ‘Content creators get unthrottled performance and full expandability in a more portable design – desktop-level performance in a mobile form factor.’ Rounding out the lineup is the entry-level option, the ZBook Power G8, which is ‘HP’s most affordable mobile workstation’ and ‘makes the power and pro certifications of a ZBook more accessible and ideal for STEAM students.’

‘Professional creators and power users need a curated, personalized software and hardware experience that aligns to the different ways they work and collaborate,’ said Jim Nottingham, general manager and global head, Advanced Compute and Solutions, HP Inc. ‘With the ZBook Studio being the most powerful workstation of its size, and the ZBook Fury offering full expandability in a portable design, HP is giving the professional community access to cutting-edge technology, unthrottled performance, and the versatility to make the next creative breakthrough a reality.’

The HP ZBook Studio G8 has a full RGB keyboard

Looking closer at the HP ZBook G8 Studio, the notebook is designed to ‘free the creative mind.’ To that end, it’s a purpose-built machine aimed to meet the demanding needs of creative applications and workflows. HP’s DreamColor displays cover 100% of DCI-P3 and include Pantone validation. The Studio includes Nvidia RTZ A5000 or GeForce RTX 3080 laptop GPUs and 11th-gen Intel Core i9 vPro processors.

The Fury is the world’s most expandable 15″ and 17″ mobile workstation, per HP. The Fury packs desktop-class performance into a sleek, slim notebook design. The display is a next-gen DreamColor display with Pantone validation. The chassis is constructed using aluminum and includes tool-free expandability plus a wide array of ports, including Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, USB-A and more. With Intel Core i9 and Xeon processors, Nvidia RTX graphics, and up to 128GB of 3200MHz system memory, the Fury promises high-end performance.

HP’s most affordable mobile workstation, the ZBook Power, is all about delivering performance at lower prices. The aluminum notebook includes various enterprise-level security features, such as ISV certifications, HP Security Suite and Tile device location. It includes 11th-gen Intel processors, up to 64GB of memory, PCIe G4 and Nvidia RTX A2000 laptop graphics.

While we know that the ZBook G8 Power will be the most affordable of the three new HP ZBook models, HP has not published official pricing information. The Power G8 will be available starting next month, while the Studio G8 and Fury G8 will launch in July.