Imaging Resource unpacks the mystery of Robert Capa’s ‘Mexican suitcase’

Oh, yes, foreigners know all about Spanish politics and history! Oh, yes, by way of old novels and movies. And Americans were “brainwashed” to prefer a Spain that was neutral in WWII and pro-West during the Cold War, rather than a failed state disputed between Anarchists and Communists. Oh, yes, and it is well-known that the alterative to Franco was a progressive commune of artist-workers. A nasty brute, that Orwell, for having some qualms about that vision. To this day, many literati conserve quaint ideas of “the cause,” judged on very scanty grounds.

Fortunately, both the PSOE and PP are more enlightened than their ancestors–and certainly better informed than foreigners, other than perhaps H. Thomas.

Unfortuntately, history is nearly always taught as hagiography, hero stories, or fables of light and darkness.

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