Imaging Resource unpacks the mystery of Robert Capa’s ‘Mexican suitcase’

F***ing hot!

This is a part of history, this is where all started for the WWII, this is where dictators put europe and then the world in fire! This is guernica.
I remind that George Orwell go to spanish war too, where it has been hurt, while fighting against dictator’s Franco.

Robert Capa, as famous other people, from europe, fought against dictor, and the tragedy that occured in spain. Guernica is the most troubling witness for an artist (at least I see it personnaly that way).

I hope there will be gentlemen (and women) all around the world to fight against dictatoriship, against army state, to promote democraty and human rights. Robert Capa, Gerda Tao, Geroge Orwell, Pablo Picasso are the one that gave us memories about that part of history.

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