Indisposable will develop, scan and send your film photos to your phone

In a move that makes traditional photography meet the modern age, a new company based in the United States has introduced a new service where customers can send in a roll of film, have it developed and scanned, and have the final images sent to their phone. Indisposable aims to make it easier for users to get their film-based pictures online by sending them straight to the device most people use to load images to their social media accounts.

Users can print off a mailing label themselves or have the company send them a dedicated film mailing envelop which is used to get the film to the lab. Indisposable then processes and scans the film, and uploads the images to its iOS app where customers can download them to their mobile device. An app for Android users is on the way the company tells us.

At the same time the images are emailed to the customer as well so they can be saved, edited and posted from a desktop or laptop computer. We are told the turn around time is two to three days, and at the moment scanned images measure 3000×2000 pixels – though that is subject to change as they intend to ‘serve more serious photographers’.

The company offers the service for those shooting color negative in 135 and 120 formats, as well as for 135 format black and white film. Users can also purchase single use cameras with 27 (Fujifilm $36.99) or 39 (Kodak $39.99) frames that have the processing service and shipping included in the price.

The standard service doesn’t allow for negatives to be returned, but those who want them can pay an additional $3. Getting a roll of 120 film processed and scanned costs $22.99 while a roll of 135 film costs $19.99 – it’s an extra $2 for black and white. The postage-paid mailing envelops cost $5 for 120 and $2 for 135 film. The company says it plans to offer a printing service in three to four week’s time.

For more information see the Indisposable website.