Iran Watson Explains His Magnificent Twilight Exterior Shot In PFRE Flickr Group

"Iran Watson, the 2012 PFRE Photographer of the year, proceeded to illustrate the point I was making yesterday about the PFRE flickr group being a great place to learn real estate photography. Iran posted this great example of a elevated twilight shot he did in the Atlanta area.

First of all Iran’s shot is a wonderful example of how to shoot a twilight shot! Great, composition with a three quarter angle (off to the right rather than straight on), slight bit of elevation and total control of the lighting. Furthermore, where else are you going to see and shot like by one of the best photographers in the business with a complete explanation of the lighting technique explained where you can ask the photographer questions? Pretty amazing stuff! An this goes on every day 365 days a year in the PFRE flickr group. Iran, thanks for posting and explaining this great shot!

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