Just posted: Canon EOS 100D + EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM samples gallery


Just posted: Our samples gallery shot using a production Canon EOS 100D and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. In this gallery we’re aiming to give an idea of the image quality possible from Canon’s latest miniature SLR with its new, silent-focusing kit zoom. We’ve also quickly tested its refocusing ability during movie recording. Click through to see the sample images and movies.

Canon EOS 100D + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM samples gallery

There are 35 images in the samples gallery. Please do not reproduce any of these images on a website or any newsletter / magazine without prior permission (see our copyright page). We make the originals available for private users to download to their own machines for personal examination or printing (in conjunction with this review), we do so in good faith, please don’t abuse it.

Unless otherwise noted images taken with no particular settings at full resolution. Because our review images are now hosted on the ‘galleries’ section of dpreview.com, you can enjoy all of the new galleries functionality when browsing these samples.

Click here for our Canon EOS 100D + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM samples gallery

Video samples

Touchscreen refocusing during recording

Video sample 1

This movie, shot handheld at wideangle, gives an impression of the sound quality from the 100D’s mono mic and the effectiveness of the 18-55 STM’s image stabilisation during recording.

Video sample 2


lera ion

love blue sky, no dust and oil!


It would have been a lovely small camera and the price is right if not a subpar high ISO performance and mediocre lens.


I do not like the trend but Canon and Nikon may follow Pentax and Olympus to over-cook image on their entry level cameras.


Well, I have never paid very much attention to tests, but I believe AF during video is the best I’ve seen so far in a traditional SLR setup. I suppose moving subjects are still out of question but then most cameras (even in mirrorless realm). However, if IQ is 4 years-old when studio shots come in, I don’t think many Rebel owners will find a need to upgrade. And the launch price is waaaay up there… for the camera.

Nishi Drew

Won’t be so sure about that, a lot of people will buy whatever’s new and in their budget, and a rebel owner might just buy another rebel to upgrade as, of course, it’s the newer version. If the general market really cared for improvements in IQ then Canon would have sunk 3 years ago, thought there are still plenty of people who are swayed with MP count and that can lead to the conclusion that Sony/Nikon are better because 24~36 MP wow!
Often here in Japan too, some rich shark and his girlfriend in Yodobashi Camera will be around the camera booths, and the girl would point out a camera that looks nice and the guy will pull out his wallet, spit out the cash and get ready to buy it right away. Even the “high end” of consumers are like that with cameras so reasons the like of Canon can stick aging sensors into their entry/mid levels and get by fine


I used to have Rebels as P&S camera. it’s 60D now and I may switch back when it breaks (there are issues like 1/4000s shutter and +/-2EV AEB may not be enough sometimes, but only for me).

about the sensor, think Canon may leap forward into the future with a high performance sensor and stay there until people blame it’s outdated. they may not go too far but I’d appreciate 40MP (from 4/3″ makers, too).

Linus Svensson

@Nishi Drew: dont you also love this country haha.
but it sure is true, just putting this out for display in a store and the name “Canon” and the word “2013 model” will sell it


Im guessing looks just like the 700D and 60D and 7D and 600D and…EOS M*shrugs*

Henry M. Hertz

if you are member of a camera club do a little test.

print a few A3 or A2 images from cameras that are brand new and from cameras that are 5 years old.

test if anyone in your club can make out the difference and has a better results then just guessing would achieve.

we did…. with canon, pentax and nikon cameras mostly… the result was quite an eye opener.


Please elaborate. Thank you.


C’mon Henry – let’s hear the results!


Reminds me of a joke that goes – Images from Canon, Pentax and Nikon cameras were printed at A2/A3 sizes and compared. The winner turned out to be… Epson. All the printouts were so good it had to be the printer.

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