Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i


We’ve just posted a hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i. Remarkably similar to its predecessor, the Canon 700D’s new model number seems intended more to showcase the new 18-55mm STM lens than to highlight the new camera’s few minor changes. Does the 700D remain a good choice for first-time SLR buyers? Click through to read our hands-on preview.



Is this really still the same old 18mp sensor? What is this, some weird alternate reality where sensor development does not exist?


unbelievable… so glad I parted with canon 4 years ago. I am now 100% certain they will never produce an affordable camera that can focus reliably with > 1 lens…


What’s that got to do with this announcement?


their R&D team is doing the EOS movie stuff… and to keep the public interest they need to add a few new tricks into a new model/name.

due to low R&D budget they may expect lower sales but can still make a profit that may not be lower than t4i or t3i.

Abhijith Kannankavil

they had some problem with the 600D still selling?

David Naylor

Can’t believe that Canon are pulling this on us. This is the 7th camera using the same old 18 MP sensor first seen in the 550D & 7D. That’s like 4 years ago.


So the 650D is THAT old…

David Hurt



The 600D is cheaper.


next please.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/03/21/canon-eos-700d-rebel-t5i-hands-on-preview