Lowepro introduces Flipside Sport 20L AW weather-resistant backpack


Lowepro has announced the Flipside Sport 20L AW weather-resistant backpack for adventure-oriented photographers. Priced at $179.99, the Flipside 20L can hold two pro-level DSLRs, two lenses, a tripod/monopod and a flashgun. Made of lightweight materials and breathable padding, the bag features expandable pockets for treckking poles and 1.5L bottles. The Flipside is also available in two smaller sizes with Orange/Light Grey and Galaxy Blue/Light Grey color options.

The Flipside Sport AW is built for active photographers providing multiple exterior attachment points to expand carrying options.


Dan Nikon

Nice to see this!
I use the 15L version for my 5 lens 4×5 kit and ski big terrain with it. I also use the 10L version for my Hasselblad 6×6 kit for the same task. The lack of padding in the straps is a wee bit of an issue but I never overload my packs to begin with preferring to leave room for other needed items like food, water and clothing.

Now if they could only make a water resistant and non-wetsuit like pouch like the Zing, life would be grand!

Lux Painter

And another fail as photo backpack.

Thin, unpadded shoulder straps, no good back support.

Maybe 2-3 more generations and the manufactures get it right.


Does it come with a Sherpa?

Denis of Whidbey Island

I’ve been using a Flipside 300 for maybe two years. It holds enough gear to hit my weight limit, and is quite functional but has two flaws: no built-in rain cover is #1. #2 is the tripod holder on the side that rests on the ground; you have to remove the tripod or it rolls over when you put it down. Well, there’s also the skinny waist strap and weak connections for the sternum strap. Even with those complaints, it’s a keeper.


It’s too small. I would like to have space for a jacket/sweater and some food as well


I also desire some kind of food compartment. It’s not 1813. Food and water can be compartmentalized with complete safety. Bags all seem to lack this.

Dan Nikon

I know what you mean, but…just do what I do and don’t fill it to capacity with camera gear. I hated how heavy and over padded Lowe photo packs used to be, but this line is really getting there due to how much weight they trimmed off over the years.

Even in a regular pack you have to pack things together like food, water and clothing, this is no different in some ways…


Water and camera in one pack is a bad idea. No thanks, I carry them separately.

Dan Nikon

I use both the 10L and 15L packs full time professionally, never have an issue with a leaking Camelbak bladder. Just don’t fill them 100%…

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/03/11/Lowepro-introduces-Flipside-Sport-20L-AW-weather-resistant-backpack