Metabones delays shipment of ‘Speed Booster’ for Micro Four Thirds

Hi Kaiser,

I believe I see where the word “cheating” came from…

The smaller the sensor size, the easier (and less expensive) it is to make fast lenses for that format.

The smaller the format, you need less amount of glass to project light over that sensor.

So, if you have f2.8 zooms on 35mm FF cameras, why the H*ll the fastest zoom available for micro 4/3 is f2.0 (and it’s already asked for loads of cash) ?

The other day, I was shopping for a fast zoom for my GH2, and I all I could find was a Lumix f2.8 zoom.

Wait ! f2.8 is what I would expect for a much larger sensor, like my FF Nikon.

For a tiny sensor like 4/3, I would expect a f1.8 zoom, and it should be less expensive than the FF 2.8 …

At the moment, there’s no f1.8 zoom, and the f.2 and f2.8 are really, really expensive (they shouldn’t be, as there’s not so much expensive glass involved).

That’s why I agree with the word “cheating”.

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