More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN ‘E-P5’

In my opinion it betters the E-M5 in terms of design, whilst retaining the Pen FT’s styling cues. Plus it adds what appears to be the same exposure dials layout as the E-M5. Nice touch. The previous E-Ps had dual controls too, but the lower one was fiddly to reach.
I’m not really warming up to the tilting screen, but it should be useful for shooting at certain angles. I could do with an electronic viewfinder in the place of the flash, too, but after two years shooting with an E-P1 I became used to looking at the screen.
Most importantly, it will certainly have at least the same picture quality as the E-M5. Rumour has it that AF speed has been further improved, which must put it way above its competitors.
All in all, this is the first digital Pen that really made me consider replacing my E-P1. (I could do without the white shoes and the Acqua di GiĆ², though…)

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