More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN ‘E-P5’

If this flash (as seems) is similar to the EPL-2 one, it can be bounced by tilting it with your finger, a huge advantage. I prefer the styling to the EM-5, as I never liked the ‘hump’, though would much prefer an EVF in the side, like the Nex 6 and 7 have, though as I have some very fine m43 lenses, this is more up my street.

From what I’ve read, I’m expecting the same 16mp sensor from the EM-5, which is a big step up from the EP-3 but I was hoping for some phase-detect pixels, or a new generation sensor, though I suppose those will come with the EM-6. A big plus is that very nice, tilting LCD and that the EVF is much higher resolution, which can’t hurt. Oh and the excellent IBIS, which with focus-peaking, should be very nice for legacy lenses.

All in all, looking like an evolutionary upgrade, which will please a lot of m43 fans with older models.

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