Multi Exposure for D5200

Multi Exposure for D5200

Creative Ashleigh says:

Has anyone used the Multi-Exposure mode on the Nikon d5200. I have had the Nikon d5200 for about 2yrs and i only just notice the multi-exposure mode function.

I am looking for inspiration and was wanting if anyone was wanting to share their photos they took using the multi-exposure and any tips

Thanks 🙂
9:29PM, 20 October 2019 PDT (permalink)

Bob (sideshow015) says:

Creative Ashleigh:

(7100 ) I recently posted a double exposure. (reflected color lights froma a CD ) I also have had my camera set up to photograph fireworks , Bulb setting and covered the opening of the lens with my hat and them a second or thirs x exposong the lens for th enext series of bursts. It caost nothing to have fun .. delete and start over , LOL !
4 months ago (permalink)

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