Nauticam introduces NA-NEX6 underwater housing for Sony NEX-6


US underwater housing maker Nauticam has announced the NA-NEX6 for Sony’s NEX-6 interchangeable lens camera. Providing protection up to 100 meters depth, its body is made from aluminum with a scratch-resistant acrylic rear cover. It features a single-lock housing and a patented lens attachment mechanism which allows you to change lenses without removing the camera from the housing (presumably as long as you’re not underwater at the time). The NA-NEX6 is available in the US at a retail price of $1650.

Nauticam NA-NEX6 underwater housing for the Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera + 18-55mm kit lens

Nauticam’s provides a range of ‘ports’ which attach to the housing and accommodate several of Sony’s E mount lenses including the 18-55mm, 30mm macro, and 16mm pancake. It also offers a special port which can be used with Sony’s 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6. This includes a focus/zoom knob to support the lens’ power zoom operation.

The manufacture also offers a range of additional accessories for the housing including an external viewfinder, flash adapters and a rubberized handgrip. 

The NA-NEX6 comes comes with a  a scratch -resistant acrylic LCD cover. A self-locking mechanism that gives an audible and visual confirmation of proper camera installation.



Even better than that, if this case is like the previous NEX cases Nauticam has produced, the portion of the housing that covers the lens is interchangeable as well. You’re able to swap it with a case for wide angle and fisheye, or an adapter to attach Nikon “Nikonos” Under Water Lenses directly, which need no case. Check it out on their webpage when you visit, you may have to visit a page for an older case to see all the sample pics.

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