New Berrima Store Post horrors

New Berrima Store Post horrors

New Berrima Store Post complaints

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Just thought I would update you all on my latest Supporter on Facebook.

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Are you the person behind the new Berrima shop page? You’d be surprised how many people support your fight but are to afraid to speak up.

One of the reasons I moved out of new Berrima nearly 20years ago was these germs.

They were fucking with my mail. My wifes credit card went missing along with password plus a couple of important letters of mine never made it.

All the complaints to Aust post did fuck all, I ended up getting a post box in Moss Vale and move shortly after.

The shop was a filthy shithole then and is worse now. It’s beyond me how they pass health regulations.

Plus paying their staff cash in the hand since day 1 with no workers compo insurance. Any keep up the good fight.

New Berrima deserves a decent shop and reliable mail service.

I have heard the same story of people not getting correct change, or telling customers that they only gave them a $10 not a $50 or $20 note.
Stories of customers losing money, mail etc.The filthy old toilet that doesn’t work and is used as a store room… that’s just gross.The staff that get paid in cash, off the books, have to walk down to Karen Hanratty’s home to use the toilet… at 33-35 Argyle Street.

Asbestos, Mold, etc.

Karen Hanratty advertises all over the internet, on all social media platforms, but uses wrong closing hours.
I have had people knock on my door at 10.20pm asking why the Store is closed. 8-}

Karen Hanratty is always leaving the neon sign on that says, OPEN. 8-}

Karen / Geoff Hanratty cannot manage a rock fight in a rock quarry, let alone a Store…. if it wasn’t for Wingecarribee Council’s Corruption and Nepotism, the Hanratty’s would of gone belly up 20 years ago.

Thank family members like Deputy Mayor Ian Scandrett, of Wingecarribee Shire Council for allowing a dilapidated property to still do business… (shady business).

Thank Deputy Mayor Ian Scandrett, of Wingecarribee Shire Council for allowing illegal parking in the middle of the road, to facilitate customers… making Argyle Street New Berrima a traffic accident hazard to drivers and neighbours.

Thank Deputy Mayor Ian Scandrett, of Wingecarribee Shire Council for allowing fuel to leak daily from the fuel pump.

Just look at the white center line of the road curve around to allow parking in the middle of the street for customers.
That was Ian Scandrett’s idea, since he has the last say as Chairman of the Traffic Committee of Wingecarribee Council.

I guarantee you, if I parked my car out on the front lawn of my place, Wingecarribee Council will fine me.

But if you park in the middle of the road outside the New Berrima Store, 24/7, you are welcomed.

No Wingecarribee Council Parking Officer or Mittagong Highway Patrol will touch you.