Nikon Brings Vision Of Great Photography To Life With Latest Campaign I AM MY NIKKOR



Nikon Australia is pleased to announce the launch of I AM MY NIKKOR, a new website that brings together a collection of inspirational narratives by renowned photographers from ASIA Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

I am Nikkor

Developed as an initiative to bring together a diverse collective of photographers and showcase their unique relationships with their lenses, I AM MY NIKKOR explores how remarkable lens technology can shape inspiring photography experiences. By enabling photographers to share their photographs from many beautiful localities and countries, this campaign dives into NIKKOR’s extensive arsenal of lenses, highlighting both newly introduced and signature lenses that the photography community has come to love and enjoy.


I am Nikon


I AM MY NIKKOR curates an initial selection of stories from more than 11 Nikon featured photographers, painting a picture of each artist and his or her intimate personal connection with the lens. Accompanying each story is a selection of images the photographer has captured with the lens, showcasing their work alongside a personal interpretation of the culture of photography. The website will aim to inspire its audience with tips on image creation techniques, stemming from informative videos, and photographers’ anecdotes of on-the-ground experience, to help them maximise their potential with NIKKOR lenses.
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Future developments in the pipeline for the platform include opportunities for users to share their photos and NIKKOR experiences. I AM MY NIKKOR is also set to expand with more NIKKOR lenses to further encourage the creation of awe-inspiring images.


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