Nikon D5200 added to our studio comparison database

I am in the same boat. I have the D5100 and like it, except that I also own an Olympus E-PM1 and it has 35 AF points to the 11 of the D5100. That makes me think the D7000 would be a good upgrade in that regard, as it has the same sensor & tons of buttons etc as well as 39 AF points, but when I’ve pondered upgrades before I went for newer sensor technology vs a better body in the same sensor. That’s why I sold my D200 for a D5000, and upgraded the D5000 to the D5100 vs the D90. My main concern is the cost of upgrading other things: if the 18-105mm VR I use would be taxed by a 24mp sensor, if Lightroom 3.5 would no longer work with the RAW files, and if my PC couldn’t handle 24mp files to start with.

Also, the D3200’s sensor, to me, was a disappointment vs the D5100, the D5200 sensor seems to be better.

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