Nikon D5200 hands-on preview updated with menus, test data and samples

I think you may be looking at the Miniature Effect images, and not realizing that it’s an in-camera filter effect where the D5200 blurs the top and bottom of the image frame.

Sure the 18-55 is doesn’t have the same optical performance of the 70-200 f4 or 85 1.8G, but it gets somewhat of an underserved bad rap. Look at image #12 and #18, and many others, they are tack sharp. And certainly the Photozone and Lenstip MTF resolution tests from the 18-55 VR, it puts up extremely high resolution numbers. It doesn’t have the best build quality, but it’s a sharp lens, especially at 18mm.–nikkor-aps-c-lens-tests/397-nikkor18553556vr?start=1

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