Nitecore reveals 3rd-party Sony FP-Z100 battery with built-in USB-C port for charging

When it comes to camera batteries, little changes from one generation to the next. Each camera manufacturer tends to have their own style, and while a bump in basic storage capacity might make a few new features possible with the camera it’s being used with, the core functionality remains the same. Nitecore is looking to change that, however, with its new UFZ100 battery, a copycat Sony FP-Z100 battery that has a built-in USB-C charging port.

By putting a USB-C charging port directly inside the battery, Nitecore removes the needs to carry around a dedicated camera battery charger. Now, you can simply use the same charger you likely already have on hand for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. There’s also a built-in charging indicator that will give you a rough idea of how charged the battery is without needing to pop it back into your camera first. Nitecore claims the battery can be charged fully in four hours.

Nitecore’s version offers 2,250mAh capacity, which is just 30mAh less than Sony’s own NP-FZ100 battery pack, but that seems like a small price to pay for the added convenience of the onboard USB-C charger. Nitecore says the battery should work with the following camera models: α7 III, α7R III, α7R Ⅳ, α7S III, α9 (ILCE-9), α9 II, α6600, α7C, α1, FX3, α7 Ⅳ.

Nitecore hasn’t listed a price for the battery on its website, but we’ve inquired about both pricing and an official release date and will update the article accordingly.

Editor’s note: As cool is the addition of a USB-C port for charging is, I’m admittedly waiting for the day when camera batteries have built-in Qi wireless charging, so I can just pop them out of my camera and onto one of the various wireless chargers I have around my home for my phones and other gadgets. As it stands, my Qi-powered camera battery charging solution uses a third-party Micro USB Qi receiver plugged into the back of a Nitecore Canon battery charger, which I can then place on one of aforementioned charging stations around the house. Not exactly elegant, but it’s the closest solution I’ve been able to rig up so far.