Nokia EOS rumors abound: A look at what’s likely

Except cameras aren’t why I buy phones. iPhones are personally too locked down for me. I dislike the interface, the reliance on iTunes, the inability to freely move files on and off the device, and that’s for starters. I work with iPhones often for work; I am (hopefully not for much longer) my company’s “cell phone guy”, which also involves often trying to migrate items from one device to another. While iTunes has a backup utility, it has many issues.

The iPhone is a good phone, as a phone for people who may not want as much control, but still want smartphone functionality. However, I’d never use one for myself, no matter how good a camera, screen, or whatever it has. I’m just incompatible with iOS itself. Especially for this reason, I would never use an iPad either. An Android or Windows tablet is more preferable.

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