OmniVision Technologies has revealed the details of the OV32B, a new 32MP 1/3” image sensor for front-facing cameras in smartphones.

The OV32B is built on OmniVision’s PureCel Plus stacked die technology and its pixels measure 0.7 microns across. The sensor integrates a 4-cell color filter array as well as on-chip hardware re-mosaicing and 2–3 exposure HDR timing. In low-light conditions, the sensor can use near-pixel binning to output an 8MP still image with approximately 4x the effective sensitivity for improved nighttime photography.

The OV32B can capture 32MP stills at up to 15 frames per second (fps), record 1080p video at up to 180 fps and offers smartphone manufacturers the option to integrate a microlens phase detection autofocus (ML-PDAF) module for improved autofocus performance. Of course, just how much of this capability is recognized will be determined by smartphone manufacturers who opt to use this lens in their respective devices.

OmniVision doesn’t divulge any details on what smartphone manufacturers could use this sensor, but with CES just around the corner, it might not be long until we find out.