Part one: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 / Sony Alpha 7S Comparative Review

I always get a kick out of the comments at DPR.

There are those from obvious fan-people, unable to even acknowledge that another brand might offer any advantages at all, and come up with a multitude of ways to ignore obvious facts.

Then there are those who think that a camera is defined by one feature or measurement, be it sensor size, low light performance, AF speed, or something else. This group probably overlaps greatly with the fan-people.

And those who seem to understand that a camera is really a system, made up of many parts, but think that what’s important to them in a system MUST be what’s important to everyone else, so the opinion of anyone who disagrees with them is obviously wrong!

Sadly, the smallest group seems to be those who recognize that no camera system is perfect, all involve trade-offs, and what works best for you might not be best for me. That sort of worldview is in short supply, even among DPR staff, who always have to call one thing or another “the best.”

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