Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro


If you’ve never had the chance to stand in the front row and shoot a live concert, Montreal-based photographer Pierre Bourgault has the next best thing. He attached a GoPro camera to the top of his Canon DSLR and recorded a seven-minute video of his shooting experience at a Dead to Me concert. He then combined the video with the actual photos he took at the concert, which you can see in the video below.

As you can see, concert photography is no easy feat, and involves a bit of pushing and shoving to get the shot you want. 

Since the actual photographs can be hard to see in the YouTube video, here are some larger versions that Mr. Bourgault took:

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I can’t figure out why there are so many negative people on this site. Does it really take that much brain-power to understand what this video is all about?

Sure, there’s nothing earth-shattering about the technique, but it is what is and I would think that photographers could just take it at face value, without all the obtuse, negative comments.


I wish they would just turn off comments for these types of stories.


He watched Jared Polin’s videos? 😉


I’ve seen Jared do it, and I’m sure people did it before him. 🙂 … Jared was an amazing person a few years ago when I first started out in show photos. Heck, I was interviewed by him over Skype for one of my Montreal nighttime cityscape photos when he was much less popular than he is now.


Big pile of poop if you ask me. The quality is as crappy as a smartphone video. Why not use the video capability on the dSLR and make a quality video?


W5JCK – I was shooting video for the few days before… this was for fun. The point wasn’t to record the show with a GoPro, but to record shooting a show. Any ideas how to do it differently, givnig someone a camera POV?

I’d love to have the newer GoPros that are higher quality, but alas, the life of a full time show photographer isn’t one that pays much 🙂


Because then it wouldn’t be a video about a photographer taking pictures, from the point of view of the camera. It would instead be yet another concert video just like all the other concert videos on youtube.


Why would this get any attention at all? Not a new idea in any form and the result is horrible…


The folks here would have to answer that, I just did this video for fun and to help some of my students see how things go in a live shoot 🙂


Why do this? More of a learning thing. I do sometimes get questions as to how it is to work live concerts. While I’d much prefer doing this at higher end venues and arenas, getting accreditation from bands for the purpose of learning is pretty hard.

And for the lens hood, it is a must when shooting shows, specially when I’m in a crowd and not a reserved photopit. Getting hit by fans happens all the time. I’ve lost a few lens hoods. I rather it be the hood than the lens 🙂


Silly that he kept his lens hood on?!


Perhaps, but comes in handy for determining that he’s using a Canon 24-70 f2.8L. (Or he put a EW83F on some other lens for some reason.)


You’re in a dark room with lots of bright coloured lights coming from all angles, so it can prevent glare/flare.

Also, at a lot of these concerts you’re getting slammed around by the audience (mosh pit) and the hood helps protect your lens.


two questions:
1. why would you want to do this? (the end result is quite annoying to watch IMO).
2. why is this even ‘news’?

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