Psst! Smashing Magazine Is Hiring! We’re Looking For A Senior Editor

Psst! Smashing Magazine Is Hiring! We’re Looking For A Senior Editor

Editorial work at Smashing Magazine is a difficult, challenging process. It requires patience, focus and thoroughness. Our readers have high expectations, and our authors expect sophisticated editorial guidance. That’s what we are known for, and that’s where we could use your help. We’re looking for a hard-working editor with technical experience to support and complement our team.

Such an editor can’t be found on any of the innumerable job boards out there. Because the position is one of the most important to our publication, we are looking for the best editor from our community — someone who truly understands Smashing Magazine and what it stands for. We would never otherwise publish a job opening on our front page — in this case, we made an exception.

Where? Freiburg, Germany.

We’d love to welcome you onto our team in Freiburg, Germany (Google map). In addition to enjoying the beauty of this student city, with its medieval city center, lovely vineyards and proximity to the Black Forest, you’ll also have France and the Swiss Alps just around the corner. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the playful spirit and open-mindedness of Smashing Magazine’s international team members, who like to work as hard as they party.

(Image: Björn Freiberg)

Your Responsibilities

We prefer that our team members focus on a few important tasks and do them well. Here are some of the tasks and responsibilities you will have:

  • Continually acquire and communicate with authors, in accordance with our editorial process and publishing policy.
  • Plan, edit, perform quality control on and publish articles on Smashing Magazine.
  • Shape and contribute to the editorial direction of the magazine.
  • Refine the content strategies for existing and future content.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Here’s what we expect from you:

  • A strong sense of craftsmanship in your work — whether in writing, editing, communication or simple HTML.
  • Be curious to experiment and get creative with new forms of content and with design- and coding-related topics.
  • Know and understand what it takes to make high-quality content for the Web.
  • Be familiar with the Web design community and the industry in general.
  • Be willing to challenge authors to leave their comfort zone, and make every article stand out from the crowd by being interesting, engaging, appealing — perhaps even extraordinary.
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. We’d love for you to have solid experience in copywriting as well, but that’s not necessary.
  • Knowledge of Web design is necessary, both technical and non-technical, but we don’t expect you to be a ninja in all of it — a jack of all trades is just fine!

Web Designer Wanted

How to Apply

Interested? Fantastic! Please send your cover letter, résumé, work samples and URLs of relevant websites to me, Vitaly Friedman, at the following email address:

vitaly [at]

We have a lot of exciting ideas for the magazine — we just need people who we would love to work with and who we can trust to make these ideas a reality. With your help, we can make this magazine even better and richer than it has ever been.

We look forward to your application.


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