Readers’ Showcase: Sarnim Dean

Beautifully captured. I was lucky enough to spend nearly a month touring NZ South Island in March/ April 2013. Saw the desolation in Christchurch that you mentioned but was struck by how positive the people were there, particularly the young. I found it very inspiring. The area SE of Christchurch is quite volcanic but very beautiful, particularly the little town/ port of Akarua where we had a lovely meal in the local Bistro where the chef turned out to be from Swansea here in the UK and his wife was from Christchurch, both in their late 20s. But all the South Island was so beautiful, from Nelson to Milford Sound and from the Fox Glacier to Dunedin. not to mention Queenstown, one of the most beautiful town/city settings I’ve seen in my life. The trip was the perfect antidote from Sydney in high summer. Thanks again for showing your pix. It’s made me want to dig mine out of the archive.

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