Reply to Call for Moderators

Looking to add additional moderators. With the current submission of photos being set to automatic, it is important for moderators to review the posts for adherence to the rules.

If you are someone in the group that actively review the group pool on a regular basis and would be interested in assisting, please let me know.

For existing moderators, please let me know if you are still active in the group moderation

Current rules below.
1. Members may submit no more than one photo a day to the group pool.

2. Please tag photographs with the name of the camera used (ie. D500, D850, and so on)

3. We Do NOT Allow:
• Nudity
• Screencaps of favorites
• Photos of artwork
• Heavily Photoshopped and over-cooked HDR photos
• Photographs of camera equipment
• Self-portraits with your camera
• Pet photos
• Photos related to suicide, self-harm or drugs

4. If you find one of your photos has been removed from the group pool please don’t resubmit it. Thank you.

5. Camera debates are strictly prohibited. DO NOT post “Canon vs Nikon” threads. DO NOT ask which camera brand is better. DO NOT start debates about which camera to buy. Discussions of this type will be promptly deleted and the offending member may be banned from the group.