Reply to Canon RF lenses

David Illig:

Fair questions. The adaptability of the EF mount lenses to R mount cameras is a good strategy for now. It invites current EF mount camera users to move over to R mount cameras fairly easily. However, what is the long term strategy? If EF mount lenses equal R mount lenses in capability then what is the point of expanding the R mount lens line? No one buys an expensive R mount lens, in that case. Short term Canon remains viable as a camera maker. But, what of its long term strategy? There just isn’t one. That’s dangerous to any company in any business.

As for what Sony, Panasonic, or any other manufacturer does IS very relevant. For example: suppose Sony (being the sharp and aggressive marketer that it is and is in the best place financially of any of the camera manufacturers) decides to drastically discount its full frame mount pro lenses say by half. You are not going to convince anyone that Canon will continue to try selling its R mount Pro line at the current prices. Die Hards may stick with Canon to their death. But, the more typical photographer is not committed to anything forever. No, competition and innovation is going to disturb the short term status quo that Canon is relying upon. That is certain.

Wouldn’t count on making a sure bet that this or that will be as an outcome to all of this. The only certainty is change. What it will all be or look like say ten years from now is just a guess, presently. A full on commitment to anything right now is not wise.