Reply to Did you shoot film in the old days, when did digital become better film

IMO it really depends what you’re doing. I think that even today large format can match digital for highly technical and slow photography due to the freedom of movements and the size of the negative but for fast paced or time sensitive photography digital was better very quickly.
put any dslr up against a 4×5 camera or larger format camera and I think you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference in final image quality in a blind test.
If you’re comparing only to 35mm then any camera over about 8-10mpix is probably better in terms of resolution. In terms of dynamic range it really depends on the film stock but digital is definitely better today and has been for a while.

In ideal conditions, film stocks like Fuji Provia 100F can resolve at over 7200 dpi which is about 54 megapixels on 35mm.

Turbines in the Sunset by alastairswan

See the wind turbines in the bottom of that image
That being said, digital doesn’t need the ideal conditions and perfect exposure that slide film needs to get comparable results.