Reply to DSLR to Mirrorless anyone?

Hi all. This post really follows a good / seperate discussion we’ve been having around which lenses to use if I made the jump from crop sensor to full frame, but in that discussion, one suggestion was to go to mirrorless via the Canon R6 as that offers FF plus adapter to enable use of my current range of EF / EF-S lenses…..

So, the short follow up question are….

Has anyone made the jump from DSLR (crop OR FF) to mirrorless and, if so, which camera did you buy and how do things compare?? I’m especially interested in views on:

1) Shots per minute (I sometimes shoot fast moving military aircraft or animals)
2) Image quality (does it stand up to – for example – 5D mk iii?
3) Shooting at high ISO (say above 800)

Thanks, hope to hear lots of views!!