Reply to Have a been taking photos the wrong way this hole time

I will try to explain

I have been shooting film for about 30 years and only got my first DSLR a few days ago.

The way i have been shooting film because i was limited to 36 exposures is talking 3 shots, 1 in SP another in AP and final in M just to make sure i get a good shot but now i am using DSLR i am doing all the settings and meter modes.

Yesterday i took 100 shots of the same flower just because i can.

What is confusing me is the way other people are taking photos so i will give some examples.

Yesterday i was out for a walk along my local river and i saw a lady taking photos of some bucks with her phone but she had one of the super zoom bridge camera and wasn’t using it.

In my town there is a Passage that seems popular with people taking photos of but only with there phones, i have seen people with canon 6D, Sony R7 and Nikon D5 all us there phones to take photos of it.

I saw a guy take off a zoom lens put on a wide angel lens he took one photo then put his zoom lens back on and not just him, i have seen so many people take just one photo of things.

I get that people have there own style but im just wondering am i the only person to take one than one photo of some thing, am i doing it all wrong?