Reply to How to test a camera for dead pixels?

wooden trade [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by wooden trade (member) 10 years ago

Put your lens cap on.Set your ISO very high. Set camera in M. Open the aperture, set shutter for about 1/2 second. Press your button. Use the Zoom of your camera screen and scan the image. Hot pixels will show up as Red, Green or Blue dots.

Anytime you look at a camera at the camera store, you should do this. Most sensors have a hot pixel or two. The problem is when the pixel bleeds into other parts of the image, or is smack in the middle of a spot you tend to shoot in. Its hard to shoot around them. This is the problem with buying a camera online, you do not know for sure what your getting. Its best to get it at a camera store.

EDIT: Keep in mind Noise is random. Hot pixels will show up in the same spot. So when performing this check take 3 or 4 shots.