Reply to Macro lens suggestion

If you’re a little adventurous, I would point you towards getting a vintage manual-focus macro lens, which you can mount with the use of adapters. My suggestion would be Tamron’s Adaptall-2-series SP 90mm macro–I have the older f/2.5 version, which is 1:2 macro (1:1 with an extension tube), or there’s a newer f/2.8 version which goes to 1:1 with no tube. Sharp as a tack, and for macro you’re generally going to be focusing manually anyway (or setting a focus point and moving the camera or subject to focus) so you wouldn’t miss the autofocus much. I see some of the 2.5s on eBay for $100 or less, and an Adaptall-2-to-Canon-EF adapter is around $15.