Reply to Nikon 24-120 repeated Focus hunt issue

Hello everyone,

I bought my D750 with 24-120 as kit lens couple of years ago. After few months of usage, my the Lens was having some difficulty locking the focus. It kept on doing the “FOCUS HUNT” I got it serviced & in the bill they had mentioned some specific part connect to the auto-focus mechanism.

After 7 months now, the lens is again having the same problem :(. It’s really bothering

I called up the dealer here and ask why this is happening again and again. & I explained him my usage pattern. I use this less less frequently. like

80:20 (Nikon 1.8 vs Nikon 24-120)

80% I use my other spare lens Nikon f1.8 , it’s more than good for casual shoots.

20% when I go out for outdoors under bright light, I use my NIKON 24-120 Lens.

For the last 4-5 months I didnt get any chance to use my 24-120.

Now the dealer is telling me that I should use the lens at least once every 2 weeks otherwise it develops problems like this. Is this really true?