Reply to Nikon Teleconverter with Nikon 105mm micro lens

I have both the Nikon TC-14e II and TC-14e III and can confirm that both work with the 105mm f/2.8G VR Micro. AF functions do work properly, although I can’t say that I have used either combination that much in the field, so I can’t say how much AF performance is affected. It does struggle a little in low light and low contrast situations, but generally speaking, it still focuses pretty snappy with either TC. The lens does appear to focus a little quicker with the TC-14e III in some situations.

I believe that Nikon originally stated that the TC-14e II would not work with this lens, but as I’ve said, I have been able to use this combination with full AF functionality, even with older Nikon bodies like the D700. The TC-14e III is listed as being compatible with the 105mm VR Micro.

Attaching a 1.4x TC to a 105mm lens will increase its focal length to 147mm and reduce its maximum aperture to f/4.

Keep in mind that as you focus closer, the maximum aperture of this particular lens is reduced, such that at minimum focusing distance, even without a TC, the maximum aperture is reduced to f/4.8. The maximum aperture at minimum focusing distance with a 1.4x TC is f/6.7. If this is a problem, I’d suggest getting a lens such as the 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6D Micro which does not suffer from this problem. Being a longer lens, you probably wouldn’t need a TC.