Reply to Time for the Reminder – My Photo Got Removed

We do NOT allow:
• Screencaps of favorites.
• Photographs of artwork.
• Heavily Photoshopped photos including over-cooked HDR.
• Photographs with nudity.
• Photographs of camera equipment.
• Self-portraits with your camera.
• Pet photography.

If you find one of your photographs has been removed from the group pool please don’t resubmit it. Thank you.

CAUTION: Camera brand debates will not be tolerated in this group. Do NOT post “Canon vs Nikon” threads. Do NOT ask which camera brand is better. Do NOT start debates about which camera to buy. Discussions of this type will be promptly deleted and the offending member may be banned from the group.

You Must tag your photo or have valid exif information that indicates which Nikon camera you took your photo with. If for any reason, we are drawn to actually look at your photo closer, if there is no exif indicating Nikon camera and there is no tag indicating which Nikon Camera or worse if the exif or tags specifically list anything other than Nikon, your photo will be immediately removed. Re-submission or multiple submissions of photos not taken with Nikon are cause for immediate ban.