Ricoh announces new $1,400 21mm F2.4 ED Limited DC WR lens, set for November release

When used for distant subjects such as landscapes, the lens assures solid, uniform image rendition across the image field. By further closing the aperture down, it delivers sharp, clear, high-resolution images, even at the edges. Its optical characteristics change for close-range photography. At open aperture, it provides a mild bokeh (defocused) effect in the background while capturing the main subject in sharp, crisp focus. This enables the subject to stand out against a defocused background, with the exaggerated perspective typical of ultra-wide-angle lenses. At a minimum focusing distance of seven inches (18 centimeters), it can create a variety of visual expressions, depending on the subject being captured.

To achieve an attractive exterior design, the lens barrel, hood and cap have been meticulously machined from high-grade aluminum. In every way, this lens is an exceptional imaging tool that will bring greater joy and inspiration to photography.

2. Exceptional optics incorporating the latest optical technologies

The lens optics incorporate a total of five glass elements: four ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements—including one ED aspherical lens—and one Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass optical element to minimize chromatic aberration and prevent color bleeding, not only in the main in-focus area, but also in the surrounding defocused areas. It also features a large-aperture negative meniscus optical element, a biconvex aspherical glass-mold optical element and a high- refraction glass optical element in the first lens group; this design reduces the lens’s overall size despite the ultra-wide-angle design, while delivering outstanding imaging performance for sharp, crisp images without fuzziness, even in the peripheral areas.

The lens also features PENTAX-original High-Definition (HD) Coating. Compared with conventional multi-layer coatings, this high-grade, multi-layer coating reduces the average reflectance in the visible spectrum to less than 50 percent, effectively minimizing flare and ghost images even in demanding lighting conditions such as backlighting.

3. Internal lens motor AF

The lens features a DC motor inside the lens barrel—a first for the Limited D FA Series—to assure smooth, quiet, high-precision, high-speed autofocus operation. This focusing mechanism provides a quieter drive sound and smoother operation than traditional body autofocus.

4. Electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism for high-precision exposure control

This lens incorporates the KAF4 mount, with an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism to assure high-precision exposure control when used in combination with compatible digital SLR cameras. It assures smooth, worry-free video shooting in locations prone to dramatic brightness changes, such as a stage with rapidly changing lighting conditions, or a forest with filtered sunlight.

Electromagnetic diaphragm control is available in combination with the PENTAX K-3 Mark III, PENTAX K-3 II, PENTAX K-3, PENTAX KP, PENTAX K-70, PENTAX K-50, PENTAX K-S2, PENTAX K-S1, PENTAX K-1 Mark II and PENTAX K-1 camera bodies. Ricoh advises users to upgrade the camera’s firmware to the latest version to properly operate the electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism.